Best Gynae in Singapore

Find the Best Gynae in Singapore: How to Choose a Good Gynaecologist

For most women, the idea of ​​thinking about moving to another city may cause panic. Not the fact pack and unpack which creates anxiety, but these other two unavoidable tasks: finding a new hairdresser (essential!) And find a good gynecologist (absolutely essential!).
Fortunately in Singapore, there are plenty of fine Gynaecologist in our country. Nevertheless, with or without moving, there are many moments in life that may require finding a new gynecologist: a new job can bring benefits of a new health insurance; modify the current insurance coverage; or doctor you can always retire.
For whatever reason, the search for a new gynecologist can be difficult and uncomfortable. How do you find that special professional with whom you will share your most intimate health problems? How do you find the best gynae in Singapore?
Here are three key steps to make your search in finding the best gynae in Singapore easier.

Best Gynae in Singapore

First step: Make a list

To find a good gynecologist in Singapore, first define what is “good,” and that definition is based on what each woman considers important in your experience as a patient. The ability alone rarely is “good” enough. Most of us prefer trained physicians, but also know how to listen to their patients and treat them with compassion and respect.
Before you start looking, define what is “good” by listing the qualities you consider important in a gynecologist. To begin, your list might include the following:

  • Education. Studied Where and when and if it is certified by a medical board.
  • Experience. Much time has been practicing.
  • Skill. Areas in which specializes. For example, prenatal care, gynecology, infertility, menopause, etc.. The stage of life in which you find yourself determine what you are most specialties.

Other factors worth considering while finding the best gynae in Singapore:

  • Gender. Would you feel more comfortable with a doctor, or a doctor gives you the same?
  • Sure. Your plan may limit visits to physicians affiliated or perhaps allow you to visit some unaffiliated, but with a higher cost to your pocket.
  • Hospitals. Here also your health plan may establish other affiliated hospitals and medical institutions. If so, you probably want a doctor with privileges to practice in these hospitals.
  • Location. Depending on how often you visit the gynecologist, the location may be an issue to consider. Is it easy to get to the office? The trip takes a long time or is it reasonable? Is public transport or parking is inconvenient or expensive?
  • Philosophy. Find a gynecologist to share your opinions on topics such as birth control and alternative therapies will improve your chances of feeling satisfied as a patient.

Second step to finding the best gynae in Singapore: Make rounds

With your list in mind, get to work. Ask them for recommendations to your family, friends, or coworkers in which you trust. Can also ask the other specialists such as your family doctor or your child’s pediatrician. If the same names come up, you probably already have a list of pre-selected professionals with solid reputations.
If you’re new in town, call your local hospital and talk to the nurse in charge of Obstetric / labor and delivery. As nurses see many doctors in action and in different circumstances and pressures, ask two or three recommendations. Or ask for references to the resident medical officer in charge of a clinical hospital.

Third step in looking for the best gynae in Singapore: Research to be sure

Gynaecologists in Singapore that you have shortlisted must be licensed and practice with professionalism. Check it with the state medical board or visit the website of the Singapore Medical Association. Chances are your insurance provider also offers information about the background of each physician.
If you’re still not sure whether a gynecologist right for you, make an appointment to meet him. Many doctors are willing to give you this opportunity to ask questions and see what kind of care and communication can wait.
This also lets you know the atmosphere of the office and the staff working there, both important components that contribute to your ultimate satisfaction.

Locate the Perfect Doctor in Singapore

Having a gynecologist with whom you feel comfortable is an essential goal. Studies have shown that patients who have a good relationship with your doctors are generally more satisfied with the care they receive and therefore perform better *.
Maybe you need more than one visit for you to establish a comfortable relationship with your new doctor. But if it does not, trust your instincts and find another gynecologist. You should never feel obligated to continue going to a doctor with whom you do not feel comfortable.
When you find the perfect Doctor, spread the word. Reference could be someone else is looking.

Finding the best gynae in Singapore may not be easy due to the wide variety of excellent doctors here. However, it is still better for you to conduct your own research to find not only the best gynae but also the most suitable gynaecologist in Singapore for yourself and your daughter if applicable.

Here are a list of the finest gynaecologist in Singapore:

Dr Adelina Wong
Thomson Medical Centre

Dr Ann Tan Sian Ann
Former Mount-E, Currently owns her own clinic in Orchard Road, Paragon “Women & Fetal Centre”.

Dr Benjamin Tham Wai Lun
Kandang Kerbau Hospital, KKH

Dr Adrian Woodworth
Thomson Medical Centre

Dr Lawrence Ang
Thomson Medical Centre

Gynaecologist Singapore hope that you will have a great gynaecology experience with our humble help.