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Gynaecologist Singapore – The gynaecological check-up raises many doubts in women who should do it first. Do not be influenced by comments: Before you form a wrong opinion, you should know the procedures as well as signs of pregnancy and when is it advisable to visit a gynaecologist otherwise known as obstetrician (Obgyn).

Gynaecologist Singapore gives you wide range of knowledge about gynaecology in Singapore and how the procedures works. In this website, you will also be able  to access information on largely common problems such as facing menopause or pre-mentrual syndromes. Gynaecologist Singapore aims to help educate women about their health and the necessary healthcare available for them.

This check-up is aimed at the prevention of gynaecological disorders, confirmation that your genital is normal and guidance regarding contraception, if necessary. You will query a series of questions to learn about your medical history. Among other things, you can ask:

  • At what age did you have your first period?
  • What is the time interval between the periods?
  • If your discharge are slight, moderate or heavy.
  • If you use sanitary napkins, tampons or both.
  • On what day your last period began.
  • If you have sex.
  • If so, the age at which you initiated, the number of partners you’ve had, if you have a steady partner and current contraceptive method you employ.
  • If you already got pregnant.
  • If in your family there is a history of serious diseases.
  • Diseases that your parents and siblings had.
  • If you have had serious illnesses in general.
  • If you were operated.
  • If you are allergic to any medicine.

The check-up, in all cases, is the observation of your breasts and vulva. Also, if you had sex, you will be asked if you have a vaginal cytology and touch. Collecting cytology in gynaecologist singapore would be by using a speculum, which is used to separate the vaginal walls so the gynaecologist can observe the cervix uterus. The vaginal ring is designed to assess the normal uterus and ovaries. It is performed by inserting fingers into the vagina, and with the other hand, palpated the abdomen to see if there is any increase in the size of the uterus or ovaries.

All gynaecological singapore consultations are strictly kept private.  In the case of unsafe esters or privacy issues, you can always ask a friend or a family member to give you references about some doctors of gynaecologist singapore.

There is a specific age for the first visit to the gynaecologist in Singapore. You should consult a gynaecologist if you had or are planning to have sex, if you have any gynaecological problem, if you have questions or when you plan on starting a family.The gynaecologist will guide you to how many times you should get a check-up. In general, if you have sex, it is recommended to do it once a year.

Gynaecologist Singapore had conducted a research and put together the most frequently asked questions.


It is a physician who specializes in diseases of the female organs. A gynaecologist also deals with contraception as well as control of pregnancy and maternity.



Consulting a gynaecologist is not compulsory. However, it is recommended because often the information on gynaecological problems, methods of contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is not adequate or accurate, and rather than clarifying doubts, it makes people more confused. Only gynecologists have the professional standards to indicate correct operation and prevention of possible gynaecological problems.



No there is not. Many girls consult a gynaecologist only when they think that they are going to have children or when problems arise in their genitals. It is, however, advisable to go before these problems arise, during adolescence, when you have questions or concerns about the development, the menstrual cycle, personal hygiene or contraception. You are advised to visit the gynaecologist periodically.



Everything. Do not be afraid to do so as he/she will clarify all your doubts, even down to the most nonsensical rumour that you read on the Internet. You can ask him about your body (if you think any part is not normal during development or puberty), on the menstrual cycle (period pains, changes in your appearance etc.), menstrual hygiene (use of sanitary napkins or caps), symptoms that arise (burning, flow, painful breasts), and you can ask for advice on issues related to sexuality and contraception.



A gynaecological check-up in Singapore serves to prevent gynaecological problems, confirming that your genitals is normal and, if necessary, for questions on contraception issues. It will save you from feeling some discomfort or embarrassment. Also, you have to answer some questions about your medical history.

Usually, you lie down on a stretcher, which has a high pillow for the head, and a special media that are at table, for apolar feet. Firstly, an observation and palpation of the breasts will be conducted. Followed by visualizes of the vulva. For the collection of cytology (for girls who have had sexual relations), a speculum is used, which is a separator of the vaginal walls so that the gynaecologist can observe the cervix. Then, it proceeds to the vaginal ring. The vaginal ring is designed to assess the normal uterus and ovaries. It is performed by introducing the fingers into the vagina, with the other hand palpating the abdomen to see if there is any increase in the size of the uterus or ovaries. The check-up may be uncomfortable due to shame but it will be as relaxed as possible causing no pain at all.

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